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 Smoking is predominantly a coping behaviour that resides in the subconscious mind. Chances are that the reason you started to smoke no longer applies, but some part of you still uses smoking in order to release stress, focus, relax, avoid unpleasant feelings or some other reason. Hypnosis is highly successful in helping you break this habit without will power or a lot of money. 

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Due to a variety of socio-economic conditions, stress has now become more widely recognised by both individuals and employers. Situational stress has been the cause of many "sick days" off work. Many situations can lead to the  development of the symptoms of excess stress including fear, overwork, responsibility, loss, lack of fulfilment and illness. Every individual has different tolerance levels when it comes to stress. The needs of the individual are paramount in addressing stress. Willpower  alone  is not an effective or permanenet solution to stess problems.

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​The mental factors in overeating are widely recognised. Utilizing hypnosis will help condition your subconscious mind to rapidly move you toward your goal of being slim, trim and healthy. This program will help you to form a new inner image of you physical self. Learn to use your mind's inner resources and take back control of your eating habits! Change negative, unwanted eating habits into positive, benefical eating habits. 
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​A healthy sense of self will help you in any role you play in life. When you're able to come from a place of true inner strength, people respond to you in a more authentic and positive way. It will make you more effective in business and enable you to be a more effective parent, partner, performer or teacher. You can improve your self-image and radiate self-confidence. This program will help you overcome the fear of rejection, fear of failure and fear of successs. Learn to realize your true inner strength.
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This program will not make you into an elite athlete, nor will it help you grow muscle through visualization. However, it will enable you to preform to the maximum of your ability. Every athlete knows that to be great, you still have to train and train hard. But you'll find that it's easier to train harder when you see the results of your hard work paying off. Many professional athletes use post-hypnotic suggestion to stimulate concentration and specific skills at the moment of performance with dramatic results. It can work for you too. 
​Most people fall into one of two possible categories of suggestibility; physical suggestibility or emotional suggestibility. Actually, every person has characteristics of both, but one or the other is usually dominant. People tend to listen in accordance with their personality make-ups.

Hypnotherapy can bring understanding of relationship communications, awareness of the possibilities of modifications of attitudes and suggestibiliy's and the importance of and need for creating feelings of confidence, security and regard for the relationship itself. 
You can set yourself free from the emotional chains of anxieties and fears. Among the primary reasons why people seek hypnosis is the need to deal with fear reactions. Under certain circumstances or in specific situations virtually all people are subject to a variety of rational or irrational apprehensions. Many of these originate in childhood when undeveloped reasoning ability creates a natural climate for developing fears of the unknown. Fears can, of course develop in adulthood through  traumatic experience, but most prove to have originated in early, impressionable years. 

Transform anxiety energy into energy to succeed. Allow it to motivate and guide you. Release uncomfortable feelings, such as fear of success, failure, flying, rejection and more.
Pain contributes to many problems within our lives. Physicians and patients constantly search for pain relief, sometimes missing other contributing factors such as anxiety and derpession. As a society, we need to look for positive solutions to these problems. Hypnosis is one such solution, offering the individual a sense of control over pain, emotions and utlimately, recovery.

Hypnosis is mind-body therapy that can harness the mind's ability to influence the body's physiological and neurological activity. While we never say hypnosis will take all the pain away, patients do experience a greater reduction in pain in comparison to traditional pain clinic techniques.

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Enhance Sports Ability                          ____
Improve Memory/Concentration             ____
Eliminate Fears                                      ____
Enhance Creativity                                 ____
Instant Relaxation                                  ____
Eliminate Unwanted Habits                   ____
Past Life Exploration                             ____
Improve Sales Skills                              ____
Stimulate Motivation                              ____
Set and Achieve Goals                          ____
Develop Positive Attitudes                     ____
Learn Creative Visualization                  ____
Study More effectively                            ____
Stop Teeth Grinding                               ____
Stop Nail Biting                                      ____
Enhance Public Speaking Skills             ____
Reduce Fatigue & Increase Energy      ____
Promote Restful Sleep                           ____
Raise Self Esteem                                 ____
Hypno-Anesthesia                                  ____
Complement Medical/Dental treatment  ____
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