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"Each patient carries his own doctor inside. Doctors are at their best when we give the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to work?"  --Albert Schweitzer, MD
The root word of healing is hale, or to make whole? Healing may or may not apply to what is commonly labeled physical health. The purpose of healing is not just to return a body or mind back to what society considers normal. A body/mind/soul healing should be to become better, more enlightened, i.e. spiritual/intellectual insight, or stronger than before a problem existed.

Healing should be something that facilitates one to move towards wholeness. It is impossible to separate what is mental from the physical or from issues that are spiritual in nature. Most problems are mental, physical and spiritual yet our language does not offer concepts to best understand these connections. 

  • healing path usually depends on what one believes to have caused the disease. Guidelines to think about:
  • All diseases and disorders have a multiple and complex basis that varies with each person.
  • You may never know the real cause of your particular problem as there are no universal standards in determining cause. Cultural attitudes often decide for us what a cause is. But that doesn't prohibit healing.
  • Regardless of cause, some problems manifest their symptoms most clearly at the physical level, others at the spiritual level or the social/community level. These symptoms respond best to treatments designed for their appropriate level.

There are many systems of healing. Some systems have been in place for many thousands of years. Each system has its own treatments, assumptions, and has a model for naming and treating a variety of problems. Integrating the role of Allopathic, Behavioral ad Transpersonal Medicine systems creates a body/mind/soul healing system. This is an idea that is becoming an increasingly more acceptable, an understood concept that transcends a one size fits all healing system. 
Complimentary Medical Hypnotism
Understanding the Role of Hypnosis in Health Management

There are three major systems of healing in this country. In the United States, only allopathic physicians may legally practice medicine. Those that define themselves or practice a variation of healing must be supervised by allopathic physicians or system to have credibility with the masses. The world of alternatives though is growing and have found a footing in Integrative medicine albeit still under allopathic supervision along with other systems outlined here. 

The underlying assumption of allopathy is that disease is an entity, usually having an external cause with treatment geared toward removing the cause, and/or relieving symptoms with surgery, pharmaceuticals and machines. This theory presupposes a person can do little to help themselves other than comply with an allopathic treatment.  

There must be acceptance to the fact that allopathic medicine is a very important piece in the puzzle to our health. Its research and scientific body of evidence and discovery alone uncovers many insights and cures for the multitudes of human health problems. 

Allopathic (modern) Medicine

The dominate heath care system for healing in this country is referred to as Allopathic Medicine. This is defined by physicians with the authority to prescribe medication and perform surgery in the pursuit of healing. It is currently the most widely accepted medicine in the country. This system has produce studies and evidence that have been used successfully extended our lives and brought us to a point for the need for a greater personal integration, responsibility and life expectancy. We believe in Allopathic medicine and it has served us well, almost alone, to this point. This type of medicine has proven to be effective healing in most circumstances but has obvious limitations. Allopathic Medicine is body oriented and works to heal focused on the way the body functions. But as people are growing in self-awareness the opportunity and the need to heal the limitations is expanding to the individuals themselves. The time has come to begin utilizing and using our inner resources. Especially our instincts, intuition, and the greater understanding of our connections to our energy bodies and to all life as well as taking personal responsibility for our health.

What can Hypnosis do? 

The healing benefits of Hypnosis within the last 50 years is becoming highly recognized by major intuitions as being effective in the healing process by the American Medical AssociationAmerican Dental Association including its use at the National Institute of Health in Washington, DC and is being taught at major universities including UCLA in California and the University of Chicago. 

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring phenomenon such as day dreaming. Hypnosis helps physicians by supporting patients to have a healthy mindset in the face of illness. It helps by promoting a positive mental attitude while treatment is being administered and it helps to overcome negative communications about the extent of an illness even the mortality in some cases. People are discovering personal will and belief is a powerful healer. Hypnosis helps in a return to a proper lifestyle that supports a healthy body. Hypnosis can be effective support to properly follow a doctors directions and work hand in hand with the prescribed treatment plan of doctors. In some cases treating the mind/soul aspect of a person is the most important part in healing a less than enviable condition. With the tool of hypnosis a person may find comfort in inevitable situations and maybe the impossible can come true.
"The patient must find courage to direct his attention to the phenomena of illness. His illness itself must no longer seem to him contemptible, but must become an enemy worthy of his mettle, a piece of his personality, which has solid ground for its existence and out of which things of value for his future life have to be derived. The way is thus paved for the reconciliation with the repressed material which is coming to expression in his symptoms, while at the same time place is found for a certain tolerance for the state of being ill."  --Sigmund Freud
Behavioral Medicine 

Although human behavior has been studied since the beginning of time, Behavioral Medicine as we know it has only been around 120 years or so with much consensus being since Sigmund Freud. Behavioral medicine is a field of medicine concerned with the integration of knowledge in the biological, behavioral, psychological, and social sciences relevant to health and illness. Behavioral Medicine is considered a science and has a basic assumption that behavior has something to do with our health. Here is where we find Psychologist and Psychiatrists along with other behavioral practitioners and modalities. They include hypnosis, epidemiology, anthropology, sociology, physiology, pharmacology, nutrition, neuro-anatomy, endocrinology, and immunology. Behavioral Medicine is mind oriented, therapy oriented and works to support and promote healing the mental role in our actions and health. Here is the understanding that there is a body/mind function at work in any imbalance or disturbance causing an illness or inappropriate behavior. It is also understood that some in this system have gained legitimacy primarily because the field has established an academic research base, with conservative claims, having cooperated with and deferred to allopathic medicine.

What can Hypnosis do?

The emphasis of hypnosis is on the subconscious mind as it plays an important role in our behaviors. Hypnotists study the effects the subconscious mind has in our daily lives and how it plays a role on both sides of all illnesses, as in disease and getting well. It is consider an art/science as well since there is artistic value in utilizing suggestion therapy, imagery and even ritual. Hypnotists also do research and gather evidence regarding the subconscious mind so it can address and reframe old patterns. We must understand the subconscious mind has been in control of all functions of growth and balance in our body. This includes all dysfunction and imbalance in our bodies and our social lives. With regression work and other therapy tools getting to an issue is very quick compared to many other therapies that focus on cognitive thinking. Hypnosis also works by suggestion to de-emphasize old outdated experiences still creating trauma or re-action patterns that cause undesirable choices.

Transpersonal Medicine

The third healing system is one defining some of the oldest methods known to man including an ever increasing awareness by the masses and the other two systems used is that of Transpersonal Medicine. This system of healing looks beyond the development and expression of the self, to the greater, more cosmic, global, and spiritual self of the human community. The underlying principle of transpersonal medicine is that power in sources beyond the self or beyond what we ordinarily consider consensual reality is available to be drawn upon and used to help heal ourselves and others. This is the system of utilizing the unseen energy body and using the beyond self-powers to effect healing. One of the basic assumptions of transpersonal medicine is that something usually invisible transferred among and between individuals, from God, or from other living and non-living objects that serve in a healing capacity. This something is often referred to as energy, prayer, dreams, or visions and so on. Transpersonal medicine as a concept and practice, has re-emerged as a result of two major trends:

  • 1.The frustration with the allopathic model of medicine, which has tried unsuccessfully to control the natural order by attempting to create deathless or disease-free society; 
  • 2.The lack of attention and respect given to the emotional and spiritual needs of people who are ill." (Lawlis, G.F., Transpersonal Medicine: A New Approach to Healing Body-Mind-Spirit, 1996)

This is the system where acupuncture, known as TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine is part of a 20,000 year old healing procedure and gaining greater appeal and acceptance. But this system also includes prayer, Shamanism, faith healing, and uses ritual, music, ceremony, dream work and many other modalities that bring healing and balance into our lives. Also included in this system is Reiki, QiGong, Chakra Balancing, Vibrational healing, energy healing of many types and the list goes on. All having and gaining respect and with many valid results.

What can Hypnosis do?

Hypnosis uses many variations of Transpersonal Medicine since spiritual awareness is also heightened once a person has entered into a state of hypnosis. Regression work to reframe old experiences triggering undesirable response patterns in our current lives is just one example. Experiencing a spiritual connection first hand is a natural function of the greater mind once one has completely relaxed out of the everyday conscious or analytical mind. Hypnosis also focuses on the most powerful aspect of the human mind, imagination. Imagination has a direct correlation to manifesting reality. One of the most recognized uses is work done by Dr. O. Carl Simonton at the Simonton Cancer Center where visualization is one of the primary tools used to help and heal tens of thousands of patients while attracting worldwide attention for over 30 years. Hypnosis then is the tool to communicate with this master part of ourselves. A Hypnotist is the guide to facilitate our natural ability to access this communication.

All three of these healing systems is best understood as a body/mind/soul concept of healing where we can become part of the process, the most important part, of bringing our lives back in to optimum health. We are learning through these systems and concepts that we are the reason for imbalance and balance. Being in control of our health and wellness should be the strongest motivator of all healing efforts. 

At Better Life Hypnosis we offer you leading edge work, supporting and using all systems outlined. You are taught empowerment, relaxation, positive self-talk, stress management and how to live life to the fullest by being aware in the moment, ”mindfulness." We can help you engage the doctor within.  

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