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Professional Training Approved By The National Guild of Hypnosists, Inc.
To become certified, there is no need to purchase additional books. You receive everything required for this course with your training fee.
Course Content
Part I

Introduction - Goals and Training
Suggestibility tests
Classification of subjects
Influences and dangers
Misconceptions and truths
Subconscious vs. Conscious mind
How to hypnotize
Rapid inductions
Instant inductions
Deepening techniques: Depth tests and scales
Bringing client back to full awareness
Developing rapport
Indirect suggestion
Applications of hypnosis
Powerful inductions and deepeners
How to decide which inductions to use based on the client's needs
Mechanical aids
Historical overview of hypnosis
Complete Smoking Cessation Program
Weight Control and Stress Management Programs
Scripts and their uses within your practice

Course Content
Part II

Conducting the first session with a client
Behavioural assessment; goal setting and reinforcement
Age regression work
Effective bridge and calendar regression techniques
Eliminating fears and phobias
Regression exploration
Advanced hypnosis techniques
Stress reduction strategies
Discomfort control
Performance enhancement techniques
Self-hypnosis techniques
Legal considerations
Part II exam

Upon successful completion of Part II, all paid participants who have completed attendance requirements and will be awarded Certified Consulting Hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the largest, longest established and most prestigious hypnotists organization in the world. Your first year of membership is included in your course fee.