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"Hypnotherapist -- induces hypnotic state in client to increase motivation or alter behaviour pattern through hypnosis. Consults with client to determine the nature of problem. Prepares client to enter hypnotic states by explaining how hypnosis works and what client will experience. Tests subjects to determine degree of physical and emotional suggestibility. Induces hypnotic techniques of hypnosis based on interpretations of test results and an analysis of client's problem. May train client in selfhypnosis conditioning.?

-- U.S. Department of Labor Directory of Occupational Titles (DOT 079.157.010)

The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) approved course is designed to give the participants a working understanding of hypnotism. The course is practical and down-to-earth, concentrating heavily on the methodology. Students are not simply taught all about hypnosis.

By means of supervised practice sessions, participants are trained to actually produce the hypnotic state and use it skillfully and effectively. Thoroughly planned, tested, and true, this course guides toward mastering hypnotism skills and results.

Upon completion of all class hours, plus hands-on practice and independent study, students will be eligible for examination leading to graduation as an NGH Certified Hypnotist. The internationally recognized core-curriculum is reviewed, annotated, and upgraded annually by NGH adjunct faculty and is further enhanced by the personal knowledge and experience of Marvin L. Wilkerson, CH, CI. Certified Hypnotist and Instructor. Marvin will also share his experience of over 40 years in owning and building over 15 companies successfully while providing you with the tools to help you succeed as a Hypnotist.

Hypnotherapy is an exciting, developing field which offers significant opportunities. Through lectures, live demonstrations and in-class practice in an intimate supportive setting you will learn safe and effective ways to induce hypnosis and effectively apply what you learn in our highly practical course. All classes are conducted using the NGH curriculum and teaching materials. Successful graduates of these classes are eligible to be designated as Certified Hypnotists by the NGH, the oldest and largest organization of its kind with members across the US and in 30 countries around the world.

The certification curriculum is designed to provide a complete classical approach to work with weight control, smoking cessation and stress management for both individuals and groups. Your comprehensive training includes business and marketing strategies to develop a successful practice. This course is designed to give you extensive training to either practice hypnosis as a career or integrate hypnosis as part of another profession in the health and counseling fields.
This course offers education in 

  • How to hypnotise.
  • Self-hypnosis.
  • An overview of the professions of hypnotism.
  • Fundamental principles of success.
  • The role of the Certified Hypnotist.
  • How to properly explain hypnosis to clients.
  • How to establish rapport.
  • Factors that influence suggestibility to hypnosis.
  • Laws of suggestion.
  • Suggestibility tests.
  • Pre-induction talk.
  • Practical hints for hypnotic induction.
  • De-hypnotisation.
  • Recognition of the depth of the hypnotic  state.
  • Authoritarian and permissive induction techniques.
  • Rapid induction techniques.
  • Posthypnotic suggestion.
  • Deepening techniques.
  • Hypnosis for smoking cessation.
  • Hypnosis for stress reduction.
  • Hypnosis for weight loss.
  • How to set up your practice and build your clientele.
  • Non-therapeutic applications (learning, sports, stage fright, confidence, sales, relaxation, and much more.)
  • Precautions in the use of hypnotism.
  • And Much More.

Explore a whole new career as a highly respected professional.

Learn how to use hypnosis to increase our self-confidence and potential in sports, sales, creativity and more.

Gain self-satisfaction and gratification by helping others. 

Master techniques of visualization and self-hypnosis. 

Improve your own life, help others and open many new doors in an unlimited field.
NGH Members Receive
  • Two Hypnotism Training Manuals.
  • Audio CD's and DVD Recordings.
  • Business Start-up Portfolio.
  • Scripts.
  • FREE12 Months membership in the NGH.
  • Referrals through computer listings.
  • 12 Month subscription for The Journal of Hypnotism?
  • Hypno-Gram? (Published by the NGH quarterly).
  • PLUS, a complete set of members materials, all benefits and many handouts.
  • Quality training and instructional materials.
  • Professional books, recordings, CD's, DVD's and Video discounts.
  • Continuing education program.
  • Student and Member Support Services by NGH professional staff.
  • PLUS, on completion of your studies, you will receive
  your personalised 11 x 4 Certificate and an Embossed Membership Card.

Past students may, at his or her option, retake any class without additional charge. This policy will ensure continual success of all graduates. Available to NGH Members--Professional Liability and Malpractice Insurance.

National Guild of Hypnotists Training

This NGH training program offers a comprehensive hypnosis training program. The NGH curriculum is an effective, proven program for helping individuals resolve problem areas in their lives. You will also receive:

  • Training on record keeping
  • Effective marketing and advertising
  • Tips on how to set up your successful hypnosis practice

 The tuition includes:

  • A minimum of 100 hours of combined classroom instruction and homework assignments. 
  • Practice sessions, and supervised practice. 
  • Seventy-Five (75) hours of face-to-face classroom education.
  • Twenty (20) hours of reading assignments. 
  • Written homework.
  • Practice of all the inductions and techniques learned in class. 
  • Watching videos, 
  • Listening to CDs  
  • Creating a preliminary business plan. 

Students are also required to submit work as part of the course. You will be invited to participate in an interesting training schedule which will include:

  • Demonstrations of processes, lectures, questions and answers.
  • Supervised hands-on practice. 
  • Demonstration of techniques. 
  • Given direct experience. 
  • The opportunity to apply the theory behind the practice of hypnosis. 

Students will be able to work in pairs to put the techniques into practice and benefit from instructor feedback. NGH Consulting Hypnotists have a variety of options on completion of their training. This course is for anyone who wishes to start a new career or to enhance their present career. They can:

  • Set up their own private practice. 
  • Work with other health professionals
  • Use their new skills to complement their existing work. 

Upon successful completion of this training, you will receive your certification as a Consulting Hypnotist recognized, registered and certified by the National Guild of Hypnotist.

On successful completion of the course you will be eligible to use the letters C.H. (Consulting Hypnotist) after your name. You will be qualified as a Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. You will also receive a years FREE membership with the NGH. This valuable membership includes regular journals and publications keeping you up to date on current issues in the field of hypnosis and also offers you the opportunity to avail of significant discounts on books, conferences, CDs and DVDs. See for more details.
Your Tuition Investment
Course Fee: $1,495.00
Deposit of $200.00 to reserve your space and balance due on or before class. Pay deposit and register here.

Remainder of payment due at 1st class or with payment with PayPal.

**IMPORTANT: Each class size is no more than 10 participants for personal attention so register early to ensure your seat.

If you have any further questions regarding tuition fee please feel free to contact me by telephone at 615-557-5667 or e-mail me at
Up Coming Classes
in Brentwood, TN.
13th - 19th
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

APRIL 2020 (One Week Course Dates TBA)

 Register early as classes have limited space and fill up quickly. Your deposit assures your place. Plus you receive pre-class studies. I look forward to your participation in becoming a Certified Consulting Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist.
"Training in Hypnotism could change your life in many positive ways"

  • Explore  a whole new career as a highly respected professional.

  • Learn how to use hypnosis to increase your self-confidence and potential in sports, sales, creativity and more.

  • Gain self-satisfaction and gratification by helping others.
  • Master techniques of visualization and self-hypnosis.

  • Improve your own life, help others and open many new doors in an unlimited field.
The NGH Consulting Hypnotist Certification training is the best preparation available today for learning hypnosis for your personal benefit or for professional use.
REGISTER TODAY -- CALL 615-557-5667 or E-MAIL:

Hypnosis Certification Course
Professional Training Approved by the
 National Guild of Hypnotists

Class of June 2013
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Class of April 2014
"Peacock class"
Comments from students:

"I would encourage you to not hesitate! The program material is excellent and Marvin's sharing of practical knowledge and  experience added immensely. The course will change your life! - Lynette

"Positive, Powerful, Uplifting, Mind Opening...Marvin is a person of immense knowledge which he freely and honestly shares in a positive and uplifting way. - Jessica

"Marvin is a phenomenal teacher. It really was a transformational experience. The welcoming environment allowed for growth and personal change. This by far was the BEST class I've ever taken. - Janelle

"I highly recommend this course for not only those interested in hypnosis, but also those interested in understanding and bettering themselves. This class empowers the therapist, healer, and anyone interested in changing their life." - Cristen

"I looked forward to each day as I grew and grew in knowledge, ability, and confidence. ...a teacher dedicated to educating you thoroughly Marvin cannot be beat." - Monta

"Great experience. I learned a lot. It's a life changing experience." - Olga

"I enjoyed it so much...I would make it a full month! ...he will fill you with knowledge and make you comfortable." - Victoria

"Excellent! All questions were answered completely and a light hearted atmosphere." - Virginia

"Far better than I had hoped. I have come away with the knowledge of not only a confident hypnotist but many other gems too! It was fun, inviting and informative." -Angela

"One of the most profound and meaningful experiences of my life. An amazing life saving change took place for me." - Gabriel

"Excellent! Very empowering and positive. I would say, "I learned a LOT in a week!!!" - Marcia  

"It was such an eye opener. Opening up to knowledge of things I was needing. The hands on approach right from the start. You will definitely learn more than you expect...and gain such confidence." - Dwight

"I highly recommend anyone take any of Marvin's classes. He is so knowledgeable in many areas. It was a hands on approach to learning and gaining confidence. Extremely beneficial! - Patti 

"Life changing for myself, complete confidence I can go from class to hypnotist. A must, real life learning." - Cathy

"Awesome! So much great information. Everything resonated with me. Marvin's personality made everything easy. Take it! you will get so much out it. A better understanding of yourself...and so much information." Julie

"Marvin is extremely knowledgeable and makes it very fun and easy to learn. Would highly recommend this course to anyone. Take this course, you will enjoy it." - Tina 

"My experience was fantastic...the practice and modeling even participating as a client." - Mary

Marvin is very knowledgeable and has many years of experience and wisdom that helps to make this course such a transformative  experience." - Rachel 

"Magnificent teacher...taught in a way that was easy to grasp the entire concept of hypnosis." - Lisa

"Fast pace and points emphasized that made learning a joy. Course will be a vehicle to super success." - James

"An excellent experience that will change my life forever. You leave with an understanding of how powerful hypnosis is and the difference it can make in lives." - Sandy

"Great course even if you aren't going to use it professionally...good for self-awareness." - Mary 

"Marvin really shares his knowledge and experience to aid you in a lucrative business." - Natasha

"Marvin really knows what he's doing and has a lot of additional insight to share." -Lisa

"Great instructor! Very informative and relaxed atmosphere." - Victoria

"Very enjoyable - it flew by! Marvin is an enjoyable, entertaining and very knowledgeable instructor. Enjoyed having a real client come in one day." - JP

"My experience was great...Marvin is good at presenting the subject as a whole, very informative and I love that marketing was included. I would recommend this course." - Larkin

"I like the pace building from one day to the next. I got a lot of confidence from being both client and therapists in practice and watching others. I liked how relaxed the atmosphere was. Confidence boosting, and I'm leaving with self-assurance." - Carole

"Lots of information, both hands on and in book form...full of information, insight, and experience. Very fun and interactive." - Amber

"I was expecting far less than I received. I really enjoyed the practice sessions. Our hands on with Marvin and each other really gave me a feel for both the client and practitioner mindset. If you are interested in exploring will soon discover a doorway into you own evolution. The experience was a tremendous gift." Stephanie

"I feel Marvin truly emphasized the feeling of confidence. It was good to see a client come in so we could observe." - Nancy 

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“A true healer finds joy in each client’s recovery.”®
                  - Marvin Wilkerson, CH., CI.
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