Hypnosis Benefits
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Hypnosis Benefits

Positive Self-Talk

by Marvin Wilkerson on 08/29/13

It’s important to remember the subconscious/unconscious mind is akin to a 5 year old. The subconscious does not have a sense of humor or understand criticism. It does not understand negatives as it is a positive imagining projector. Another words, it does not understand can’t, don’t, won’t and so on. An example of this is saying something like “I don’t want to be sick.” The subconscious hears “I want to be sick!” It only understands positive projection and imagining. So it makes you sick! Why? Because your unconscious’s job is for you to face all fears to teach you that you create your reality. Also the subconscious does not distinguish between what you say and what you think! Ah…now this becomes a really big deal when talking to YOUR 5 year old with in. Think of all the negative things you would not want to say or project onto a 5 year child. Now apply that to yourself. You can imagine the results. Who would you be if only positive, creative thoughts where allowed?