Why Regression : Hypnosis Benefits
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Why Regression

by Marvin Wilkerson on 09/15/13

Healing in the present involves resolving the unfinished business of the past which continues to influence the present moment. All past experiences are imprinted in the entire matrix of the human being, which includes the physical body, mental body, emotional body and the spiritual body. These imprints show up in our thinking, in our subconscious and act on the physical body by the attraction of events which forms the basis of our personal reality. These imprints are the energy, thoughts and actions left unresolved still held in memory, the subconscious mind, which promotes an unwanted action and re-action when faced with certain present situations that bring back the old memory/experience. The subconscious mind promotes response as the safe-guard among other things as a protector against any threat. We also develop habits for protection based on this memory. The resolution is a different perspective and perception, albeit more mature, of these negative experiences which is the goal of a true healing approach. Like the saying goes…perception is reality.

To further the understanding of this one must realize, for every physical problem there is an emotional connection as well as the reverse can be true, for every emotional upset there can be a physical manifestation. The majority of issues and problems stem from a prior experience that was never fully dealt with, digested, and continues to permeate the life in the present. All emotions have a connection to a prior experience.

Regression therapy deals with the experiences asserting undesirable influence on present moment reality. We all deal with and are subject to this when we do not respond in the moment without past conditioning or definition of experience.

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