Raising Your Children With Hypnosis : Hypnosis Benefits
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Raising Your Children With Hypnosis

by Marvin Wilkerson on 02/11/14

“Who is your hero?”… “Superman” the 8 year old bubbly boy with a paralyzing fear of spiders answered. He acknowledged Superman would not be afraid of spiders and that if he and Superman where friends, well, he then “visualized” Superman protecting him from such evil demons. Ecstatic parents informed me he was taking fearless showers again on his own only three days later which was quite the triumph. One session, mission accomplished.

The use of hypnotic-like techniques with children goes back to ancient times. Both the Old and New Testaments contain accounts of ill children responding to healing methods based on suggestion and faith. James Braid an English Surgeon and Hypnotist pointed out in the mid 1800’s the power of the mind over the body and that children were frequently “sensitive” in this regard. 

Children learn by example. As we age we hold on to those examples and they get reinforced as adults. These examples are referred to as patterns that allow us to respond to everyday life. The positive patterns are healthy while the negative patterns may play out in fears, anxieties, social behaviors, and habits as well as many others. As adults we learn to compensate but as children they have to learn the tools needed to compensate. So they respond in the only way they know how—from what they’ve learned. Hypnosis produces a bridge to the subconscious mind where suggestions and visualizations can take affect to replace undesirable reactive patterns of responding to life.

Have you ever seen a child so into a toy or game that the house around them could blow down without ever noticing? They are in a trance or a hypnotized state. The fact is a child up to 7 years old operates almost entirely from the subconscious state where the patterns of parental programing are stored.

Just as we know that Hypnosis works through many studies from Stanford to Harvard and the National Institute of health, for the same reasons it works with adults, it works for children. The nice thing about working with children’s issues from 5+ through the teen years is they have less preconceived notions. Once the process is explained and understood children are open to suggestions—and to Hypnosis.

Helping a child make positive choices and believe in themselves can certainly be a full time job. How much easier could this be if you used Hypnosis to promote change to undesirable behaviors and attitudes in a short period of time?  It’s not only about fears and habits, what about school work, test anxiety, handling divorce, stress, sports enhancement, memory, concentration, bedwetting, disobedience and so much more. The list is endless. Even things like thumb sucking, nail biting, hair twirling/pulling, stuttering, sleep habits, drug & alcohol abuse, smoking, and the traditional teen problems. All can be helped, even eliminated with Hypnosis. Hypnosis can also help children with medical issues such as ADD/ADHD by supporting parents and doctors with reinforcement of positive behaviors needed to maintain rules, social functions and education.

There is need for special training to work with children and the Hypnotic state. But it’s all worthwhile and rewarding to help a child and the parents—especially to take a shower fearlessly.

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