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Getting Started
The hardest part about using Hypnosis is trusting it and committing to make a change. I offer a FREE hour to explain hypnosis, how it works, settle any fears and how I will work with you to accomplish your goals. Once you've decide on a Better Life the process is very simple. Much of our work can be accomplished in 4 to 6 sessions which includes cognitive and hypnosis therapy while also learning self-hypnosis. Once the initial sessions are completed you will be able to utilize (1) one hour sessions as you desire to reinforce changes and further growth you may desire. 

A FREE! One (1) hour consultation regarding your personal challenges includes an evaluation, establishing a communication link, a treatment plan along with the strategy needed on the issue(s) you desire to change and your concentration ability. 

Marvin Wilkerson, CH., CI. is also certified in Complementary Medical Hypnosis. As an adjunct to supporting medical treatment we work in conjunction with your doctor and we may seek to confirm there is no objection from your doctor regarding any support hypnosis can give you to facilitate, encourage and speed your healing. If chronic pain is involved you would need a doctor's approval to remove a majority of the pain. A doctor could also give instructions as what areas of treatment would benefit you the most. Please see our Medical Hypnotism page to get further information regarding the support available to you and your doctor using multiple therapies for many medical issues with hypnosis.

Again there is a strategy involved on both our parts. You will be taught self-hypnosis and given instructions on how to support and maintain progress throughout the week until your next appointment and beyond. 

The success rate of Hypnosis is very high. Depending on the changes desired and the work we do you may see immediate results or results may suddenly appear as your choices and/or lifestyle makes subtle but definite change.

The Hypnotherapy sessions will leave you more relaxed and feeling lighter. You will notice a difference in attitude after just one session. You will always be in control while in hypnosis and of the therapy. The sessions and strategies involved will relate specifically to you. They will involve your language and understanding about life. Your values will always be respected and unchallenged while only your undesired choices will be transformed and healed. 

At Better Life Hypnosis we always maintain a high regard for your spiritual choices. In fact your choices will be integrated into the therapy strategies. 

Hypnosis is one of the most frugal and economical ways to change and support personal and lifestyle changes. 

From smoking to weight lose to confidence or personal enhancement there may be nothing that can claim the success hypnosis can, especially as economically as hypnosis does.

So what are you waiting for? You can begin right now transforming your life so you can have a Better Life by calling and setting up your FREE evaluation session.

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