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Meet Marvin L. Wilkerson, CH., CI.
Marvin is certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists, (NGH), the world’s oldest and largest professional hypnotherapy association. He holds certificates as a Consulting HypnotistCertified Hypnosis trainer and is certified in Complementary Medical Hypnosis. 

Marvin has a collection of disciplines as a Consulting Hypnotist using Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, Emotion and Body Code healing techniques, NLP, Neuro Linguistic programing, Eastern & Native American concepts and many other behavioral and transpersonal healing techniques. 

He works individually with many issues using Hypnosis, imagery, and suggestion therapy while teaching self-hypnosis. Marvin’s work is also advancing into the business community with programs and workshops for stress control, smoking cessation and weight control.

Marvin also works to support Allopathic medicine as an adjunct Medical Hypnotist. He provides individual sessions and workshops while also working with support groups for PTSDADD/ADHDstress reduction, and pain management. He works as well with health related issues and those with illnesses to better adjust, or heal their body.

Marvin’s work is currently concerned with Behavioral and Transpersonal Medicine or Body/Mind/Spirit healing. He is able to offer a truly in-depth understanding of life issues while using hypnosis to assist his clients in discovering their own abilities to improve and heal their lives. His work can be described as transformational. 

Marvin Wilkerson may be reached personally to answer questions or set an appointment. Office is located in Brentwood, Tennessee. 

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